Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love my family

Yesterday we decided that we needed to get out of the house and take the kids somewhere. We had a limited amount of time between naps and Glenn needing to be at the homeless shelter so we figured a quick run to the mall would suffice. It did--it was nice to get out and just spend time together. When we got to the mall I was quick to notice that we don't exactly "fit in". We aren't all that stylish and we decided to bring two strollers instead of the double. Sounds fine but David look ginormous in that little stroller and the other stroller is all dirty. We were talking about it on the way to the car and then Glenn said--hey at least we are happy. I have thought about that simple statement many times today--at least we are happy. All those people may have stuff to make them feel better but I have the best kids and husband ever. I am totally in love with the man I married and thankful to God for the family he has given us. I don't need the coolest clothes or the most expensive stroller--I am just thankful for a life filled with love. It's funny how having kids changes your mind about what is important. My two favorite parts of the day are cuddling with David in the morning to watch Little Einsteins and seeing Annabelle wake up with her toothless grin. I know to those two kiddies I am pretty cool.

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